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Here are some questions and answers that you may find helpful. If you have additional questions or need some information about our services that you do not find on our website, please contact us, we would be happy to help!

Hearing aids are expensive! Where do I find financial assistance to purchase them?

Unfortunately, hearing aids are very expensive. However, there are a few different options that may help.

If you’re working, or currently looking for work, New Hampshire’s Vocational Rehabilitation may be able to help provide hearing aids.

Your local Lion’s Club may be able to provide financial assistance, or help procure refurbished hearing aids, through the Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation. You can visit the New Hampshire Lion’s Club general website for your local club’s contact information. If you’d prefer to call, the number for Concord is 603-224-2517 and Manchester is 603-626-5372.

While those are the two most common avenues for financial aid, we also maintain a more comprehensive list that you can access here. If you come across any other financial aid options, find errors on this document please let us know or can’t access the document, please email us at

If you have an emergency need for a sign language interpreter after normal business hours or on a weekend or holiday, and you are part of law enforcement or the medical or mental health community, you can make an after-hours request to the New Hampshire E911 Supervisor at 1-800-552-3202. This phone number is only for legal, medical, or mental health emergencies.

Where can I take ASL classes in, or near, New Hampshire?

If you’re looking for ASL classes for a child either aged 0-3 or school-aged, then you may be a candidate for our Family Sign Language Program.
NDHHS will also run basic ASL introduction classes if demand allows it. If we will be offering a course soon, more information will be linked here.
We also try to maintain a full listing of in-state ASL classes along with some nearby and online resources. Select the button below for a copy of our current resource list. As always, your feedback and assistance in helping us keep this resource up-to-date is crucial.

NH-ASL Courses

Where do I purchase assistive technology and is there financial help to pay for it?

Assistive technology can be quite expensive. Fortunately, there are programs and organizations that provide financial aid for these devices.

For telephone equipment, Relay NH program may be helpful. Please contact Jules Good, our Relay NH Specialist at / 603-224-1850 ext. 206.

We always recommend getting in touch with your local Kiwanis Group, Rotary Club, and Churches, as they may also provide financial assistance.

For more resources, check in with us at or 603-224-1850 ext. 204.

Do you have equipment we can borrow in a pinch or test before we buy?

Northeast Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services offers an Equipment Loan Program, in which you may loan assistive technologies, such as signalers, before buying. 

To learn more about the equipment we have available for loan, please contact us at or 603-224-1850 ext. 204.
Where can I find mental health services specifically for Deaf or Hard of Hearing individuals?

We recommend getting in touch with Greater Nashua Mental Health Center in Nashua, NH. GNMHC’s Deaf Services Department provides services, state-wide, to those who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. If you’d like additional referrals, please contact us at  or 603-224-1850 ext. 204 to discuss. 

I am Deaf or Hard of Hearing, where can I receive help finding employment?

In the state of New Hampshire, Vocational Rehabilitation is a valuable resource for those who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing looking for employment opportunities. If interested, please contact your local VR office. Contact information for three of the larger VR offices follows: 

Concord Regional Office: 603-271-2327
Manchester Regional Office: 603-669-8733
Nashua Regional Office: 603-889-6844
Does NDHHS have an audiologist on staff, perform hearing tests or sell hearing aids?

Unfortunately, NDHHS does not have an audiologist on staff. If you need a referral, please contact us at  or 603-224-1850 ext. 204.


Reach out to us today, we will be happy to help! 

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