As the world changes from analog to digital access to information, two key components to making the switch are affording the equipment and having fast and reliable internet service and/or cellular service.

Two programs have been created to help people combat barriers so they can get digital access:  Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and the National Collaboration for Digital Access (NCDA).  ACP provides a pathway to discounted internet or cellular service to eligible people, and NDCA targets demographics and infrastructure to make digital pipelines better for where people live.

To enroll in ACP, you can click on the ACP link above to get started, or call 211 for assistance with the technical process.  When you are deemed eligible, contact your current internet service provider or cellular service provider to request adjustments to your bill.  If you need to switch to a different company or start a new service, call a company that has service available in your area to open a new account.

NCDA does need your feedback!  They want to know what issues you are facing, where you live (rural areas have worse digital access, for example), types of assistance you want to see to get digital access and equipment, etc.  You can come to a public forum or fill out the survey.

Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing people are encouraged to participate with the public forums, survey, and contact NCDA with their concerns and experience.  The state of New Hampshire needs your help to improve services for this group of people!

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