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Career Opportunities

Check back here often for open positions within our organization.

Ongoing Opportunities
We are always searching for qualified providers to join our outreach team through contract opportunities. Some of our biggest needs include educational interpreters, SLPs, Listening and Spoken Language Specialists and communication facilitators. Please reach out to us if you are interested in learning more!


Community Resource Specialist

Position Title: Community Resource Specialist

When: Weekday Business Hours (M-F, 9a-5p)
Type: Full- or part-time

Job Responsibilities:

  • Receive visitors by greeting them in person and answering all modes of incoming office communication (phone, email, TTY, Videophone), and ensuring continuity and timely follow-up care.
  • Locate and consult appropriate resources to meet service coordination requests and make proper referrals. Maintain up-to-date information on community resources and services.
  • Create and update database and records.
  • Networking with communities and stakeholders, as needed.
  • Post updates and community events on the NDHHS website, Facebook, other social media platforms, and bulletin board.
  • Respond to general correspondence promptly, as assigned, including thank you notes, cards, and follow-up letters.
  • Recording staff meeting minutes and making them available in a timely manner.
  • Coordinating mail disbursement – outgoing and incoming.
  • Maintain and coordinate room reservation schedule.
  • Maintain Community and Donor Lists
  • Collaborate with the teams on the logistics of workshops, fundraising, and other events and projects.
  • Submit reports and prepare proposals and presentations, as needed.
  • Track and replace office supplies.
  • Provide administrative support to the Executive Director, Michelle McConaghy, as needed.


  • Excellent phone, email, and interpersonal communication skills are required, including expressive/receptive ASL skills.
  • Excellent time management skills and ability to prioritize work.
  • Strong organization skills and ability to multi-task.
  • Excellent computer skills and ability to navigate multiple software platforms.
  • Collaborative and team participant attitude.
  • General awareness of Deaf/HOH and human services provided in local and regional areas.
  • Associate’s degree required, Bachelor’s degree preferred.
  • Willingness to cross-train throughout the organization’s departments.

Compensation: TBD dependent on qualifications and experience. Benefits eligible for full-time employees (37.5 hrs/wk).

Application: Please send your resume with a cover letter detailing your academic qualifications, work and volunteer experience, plus any other relevant documentation via email to




Communication Facilitator

Position Title: Communication Facilitator

Job Responsibilities and Requirements:

● Assist in bridging communication between deaf/hard of hearing student(s) and their classroom teachers, peers and other school staff–using a variety of communication methods (e.g. signs, voice, gestures, print).
● Monitor student’s understanding of all auditory information within the educational environment.
● Work cooperatively and collaboratively with teachers and other staff members, administrators, and parents.
● Demonstrate professionalism, applying appropriate codes of conduct to the educational setting.
● Provide one-to-one support to students in activity based learning via explanation and demonstration.
● Work with students, peers and teachers on strategies for interactive communication, mobility and life skills independent of communication facilitator.
● Participate in team meetings with the classroom teacher, special service providers and parents, as requested.
● Manage the student’s amplification and communication equipment, if applicable.
● Assist with management of personal care and hygiene needs (e.g. feeding and toileting), if applicable.

● High school diploma (required), Bachelor’s Degree (preferred).
● Fluency in child’s language/communication mode such as: American Sign Language, Cued Speech, Total Communication, etc with flexibility in using skills to support child’s needs.
● Experience working with children who are deaf and hard of hearing with varying communication needs within the public school setting (preferred).
● Ability to adapt information, language and curriculum to individual learning style.
● Ability to work as a collaborative team member.
● Creative, energetic, flexible and patient.
● Punctual and professional.

Compensation: Contractor-hourly rate. Competitive – based on qualifications and experience.

Application: Please provide a letter of interest and resume to


Educational Interpreter

Position Title: Educational Interpreter

Job Responsibilities and Requirements:

  • Interpret all classes, social and academic activities, formal or informal, in the spirit and
    content that it is presented, in which the assigned student is involved during the day.
  • Work cooperatively and collaboratively with teachers and other staff members,
    administrators, and parents.
  • Perform according to State Regulations for Interpreters and comply with the Interpreters
    Code of Ethics, as well as perform within the professional guidelines of the school
    district in which you work.
  • Collaborate with teachers and other staff members to prepare for interpreting
  • Consult with the classroom teacher and position themselves so that lighting, location, and
    vision is adequate for the student to see the interpreter and the teacher, as well as the
    material presented.
  • Direct student questions to teacher(s) to encourage direct interaction between the
    teacher(s) and student.
  • Team with other interpreters when necessary for class assignments, assemblies, field trips,
    plays, etc.


  • Degree in Interpreting from an accredited Interpreter Training Program (preferred)
  • Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA) Certification, written and
    performance 3.5 or higher (preferred) OR
  • Hold a current national certification from either the national office of the Registry of
    Interpreters of the Deaf (RID) or National Association of the Deaf (NAD) of at least
    level III, PLUS EIPA written OR
  • ALT-4: Degree in Interpreting from an accredited Interpreter Training Program, state
    screening, and complete the EIPA written and performance within 3 years

Compensation: Contractor-hourly rate. Competitive – based on qualifications and experience.

Application: Please provide a letter of interest and resume to


Reach out to us today, we will be happy to help! 

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