Relay New Hampshire

Relay New Hampshire is a service that provides full telephone accessibility to people who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind or speech disabled at no charge. Our Relay Outreach Specialist is available to make presentations to individuals and groups regarding the benefits of Relay New Hampshire.  They can also provide demonstrations with accessible telephone equipment.

Telephone Accessibility Services

Captioned phones (Captel), TTYs (teletypewriters), and TeleBraille devices are used for accessible communication via the telephone.  Consumers with speech disabilities can use standard telephones and call 711 for trained specialists to facilitate communication with clarity.  These products are on display at NDHHS and available for demonstration.

Mobile Communication Access

For people who are on the go, IP Relay is available for two-way texting conversations.  College students and workforce employees can utilize Relay Conference Captioning (RCC) for tele- and videoconferences, webinars, and hybrid (both in-person and virtual) group meetings.

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Relay New Hampshire consumers can enjoy any of a wide range of services and products to make their telecommunication access possible at home, at work, and while on the go. Consumers who are deaf, DeafBlind, hard of hearing, or speech-disabled are eligible to receive relay services in New Hampshire.

At home, you can choose to use a CapTel captioned phone or a TTY.  Or, you can kick back with IP Relay on your smart phone or laptop or tablet, either at home or out and about.  While at work or for school, you can participate in tele- and videoconferences and webinars with Relay Conference Captioning.  For consumers who are DeafBlind, they can use TeleBraille devices.  For consumers who are speech-disabled, they use any phone of their choice.  Spanish-speaking relay consumers are able to use Spanish-to-Spanish relay services.

Visualizations of how these services and products are used are available at the Relay New Hampshire website.  Click on the button below!  The Relay New Hampshire Outreach Specialist is available to provide you with presentations, demonstrations, and equipment assessments–you can reach us at

Relay Conference Captioning – make yourself be seen virtually!

IP Relay – make your calls accessible!


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