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NDHHS uses a Referral Management System specifically designed and tailored to the needs of ASL-English Interpreting and CART Services in New Hampshire. With each request, NDHHS is able to cross reference interpreter qualifications, assignment requirements/responsibilities, communication preferences and matches, and requester’s parameters. This approach makes NDHHS the most effective Referral Service available in New Hampshire.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing community members can contact the Referral Department directly via Video Phone (603-968-5891)! For hearing community members, our voice number is 603-224-1850, ext 250.


Photo of female interpreter wearing denim shirt using a laptop - credit Matilda Wormwood

Photo credit Matilda Wormwood

Our Commitment to NH

Shape of the State of NH

NDHHS is a NH nonprofit, rooted within the New Hampshire Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing Community.

At NDHHS, we pride ourselves on not only our Referral Services, but also our advocacy and community education. We take the time to ensure that everyone – Requester, Community Member, and Interpreter – are on the same page and work together for the best communication access possible.

Our Interpreters

Every interpreter contracted with NDHHS has gone through an extensive on-boarding process to ensure the highest quality of service. NDHHS holds records of Interpreter Certification, NH Licensure (RSA 326-1), copy of professional liability insurance, and proof of a criminal background check, along with other paperwork when required (i.e. vaccinations for specific locations, times of year, etc.) 

NDHHS works to secure the most effective and qualified communication access to best fit each unique customer, community member, and setting.

Our Services

NDHHS provides communication access for urgent and pre-scheduled interpretation/captioning requests in New Hampshire.

Our Interpretation Services:

  • ASL-English Interpreters
  • Certified Deaf Interpreters/Licensed Deaf Interpreters
  • DeafBlind Close Vision and Tactile Interpreters
  • Oral interpreters & Transliterators
  • Communication Access Real-Time Translation (CART)
  • If other services are required, please contact a Referral Coordinator

Interpretation/CART Settings:

(remote or in-person)

  • State Agencies and Departments
  • Colleges and Universities
  • K-12 Education
  • Medical Appointments and Procedures
  • Meetings
  • Workplace – Meetings, Trainings, etc.
  • Part-B (To learn more about Part-B, click here)
  • Much, Much More…

Interpreter / CART Requests

Established in 2001, Northeast Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the New Hampshire Deaf and Hard of Hearing community through empowerment, education, and advocacy for equal access and opportunity.

*For requesters, please download and review the Communication Access Services Policy Manual 

laptop with group video meeting including interpreter - Photo by Cottonbro


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