Assistive Technology

Loan and Demonstration

We provide demonstrations of assistive technology like pocket talkers, amplified phones, videophones, apps, captioned phones, telecommunications equipment that DeafBlind people use, Relay New Hampshire services (Relay Conference Captioning, Speech to Speech, TTY Relay, RTT, IP Relay, Spanish to Spanish, Visually Assisted Speech to Speech), FM systems, conference speakers, etc, and product viewing on retail websites and catalogues for assessment purposes.  Some equipment are available for loan for consumers to borrow while they buy their own or work with a funding referral.  If needed, we can refer a consumer to an appropriate organization for financial assistance and equipment purchase.

We also work with referring consumers to their preferred internet-based telecommunications provider for registration and equipment assessments (videophone, captioned phone, apps).

If you or your organization or company would like us to stop by and provide a presentation and demonstration, drop us a message to request a presentation!


Empower yourself with assistive technology.

Our Communication Technology Specialist is available for drop-in visits or by appointment. They can also talk about your needs for assistive technology over videophone, email, or Zoom, so we can discuss your needs from the comfort of your own home.

Email to learn more and schedule a consultation!

Assistive technology device demonstrations, loans and reuse activities are being supplemented by the ATinNH program. Funding for assistive technology device demonstrations, loans and reuse are provided, in part, under grant 2001NHATSG02 from the Administration for Community Living (ACL) through Assistive Technology in New Hampshire (ATinNH).

Table of Assistive Technology devices


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