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Technology is constantly changing and improving to better meet the needs of the Deaf community. On this page, we will have information about different types of technology, how to use it, and where to get it. We will also write about emerging technologies to keep you updated on new devices. Check back here soon for more resources!

young-afro-american-woman-researching-information Caption Integration in Zoom

What Is It? is a software that automatically transcribes live audio. In Zoom, it provides live, auto generated captions.

Why Should I Use It? is the most accurate transcription software currently on the market, and gives Deaf and Hard of Hearing people more access to live video such as Zoom meetings, webinars, and classes. Captions also benefit more than just Deaf and Hard of Hearing viewers– there are many situations in which a person could have better access to materials by using captions, such as having poor audio quality, experiencing an auditory processing disorder, or being a visual learner. Using captions ensures that everyone has better access to the virtual world!

How Do I Use It?
Purchase the Otter + Zoom package here. Then follow these steps:
Log into your meeting.
Select the “CC” button on the bottom right of your screen. A new menu will appear.
Select “Enable Live Transcription” from that menu.
Captions will pop up on your screen. Meeting participants can elect to enable live transcription in the same manner, and will see the live captions as well.

Other Perks
If you click on the same “CC” button mentioned above, you can also select “View Live Transcript”. This allows you to view a full transcript of the meeting, which identifies who is talking and when. You can save this transcript by clicking “Save Transcript” on the live transcript popup. Additionally, if you record your meeting, the captions will appear in the recording. is an incredibly useful feature. Let us know if you have any questions about using it!

laptop with group video meeting including interpreter - Photo by Cottonbro


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